• Our reputation for excellence is demonstrated by the many international and national championships held here.


Committee 2017 / 2018

Chairman Barry Brennan
Female Vice Chair Lorraine Ogden
Male Vice Chair Wayne Stephenson       
Female and Male Match Committee Chairs Bev Trengove
Mathew Liverton
Chairperson of the Social Bowls Committee Graham Iredell
Secretariat Zane Milkin-Laurie
Greens Director Norm White
Midweek Match Committee Bev Trengove (Chair)
Kristy Gillingham
Merilyn Rehe
Jeanette McDonald
Ev Milgate
Saturday Match Committee Mathew Liverton (Chair)
Bernie O’Connell
Ken Maynard
Ken Sipthorpe
Brian Trengove
Social Bowls Committee Graham Iredell (Chair)
Ken Maynard
 Alan Jones
Neville Bullard
Christine Ritchie
Lorna Jones

Kath Wastell

Susan Abraham

Indoor Bowls Committee John McVicker   (Chairman)
Lance Forster (Secretary)
Ron Hooper
Pat Nash
Peter Pavone
Janette Robinson