• Our reputation for excellence is demonstrated by the many international and national championships held here.


Social Bowls


The weekly outdoor social fixture is as follows:



Ladies’ Social – 9am Start
Albert Matthews Men’s Social Triples – 12:30pm Start (Nominated 1st Tuesday of each month)


Men’s Nominated Pairs – 12:30pm Start
Ladies Scroungers – 10am Start


Open Nominated Pairs (pennant off-season) – 12:30pm Start


Sunday Roast Mixed Pairs – 10am Start – $12 (includes bowls and roast lunch in Bistro)


*Please note that Saturday’s Men’s pairs social event will not be held during the pennant season.

*Please note that social events may be cancelled if they are to clash with Moama tournaments or other special events.

All outdoor social events are $5 (excluding Moama Premium card holders). Sign up sheets to these events can be found in the Social Bowls Office at The Greens or please call (03) 5481 3780 to enter by leaving your name and contact details after the recorded message.


Visitors are welcome!


Moama Shots Up 17th September 2019

Indoor Bowls:

Tuesday 10th September – Indoor Social Bowls. Winners: Ken Hopper, Neil Hardy, Bill Musgrove. Runners up: Paula Barkham, Audrey Matchett, Peter Pavone.

Thursday 12th September – Indoor Social Bowls. Winners: Bev Guarda, Fay Leahy, Peter Pavone. Runners up: Kath Dobson, Mathew Leahy, Ivy Nash.

Sunday 15th September – Indoor Social Bowls. Winners: Pam Kerr, Lance Forster, Joy Hooper. Runners up: Marie Hardy, Bev Guarda, Neil Hardy, Ron Hooper.

Outdoor Bowls:

Tuesday 10th September – Ladies Social. Winners: Terry Thompson, Deidre Height. Runners up: Bev Trengove. Consolation: Maxine Hamlin, Elise Bennett – Pam Leibhardt, Irene Lacis.

Tuesday 10th September – Alby Matthews Triples. Winners: Bob Bartlett, Dudley Kaine, Ken Black, Ken Sipthorp. Runners Up: Mike Holmes, Allan Buzza, Ron Jones. Consolation: P Walton, B Kirk, R Sullivan – G O’Brien, M Leibhardt, B Hester. Best First Game Winners: R Blain, T Porter, B Hyland

Thursday 12th September – Ladies Scroungers. Winners: Lois Williams, Sandra Connolly, Lorraine Ogden, Wilma Curnow. Runner up: Beryl Bell, Shirley Ritters, LynSnell. Consolation: Irene Lacis, Margaret Kirk.

Thursday 12th September – Men’s Pairs. Winners: Graham O’Brien, Greg Pettigrove. Runners Up: Ron Ellen, Brocky. Consolation: Dennis O’Bryan, Allan Buzza – Mike Megeon, Richard Blain. Best First Game Winner: Mike Holmes, Rob Wastell.

Saturday 14th September – Open Pairs: Winners: Lucy Sheppard, Ron Bunting. Runners Up: Beryl Bell, Phil Bell. Consolation: David Lonnie, Cheryl Doherty – Karen Brennan, Margot Brennan. Best First Game Winner: Rubber, Hughy.

Sunday 15th September – Roast Mixed Pairs. Winners: Yvonne Hinsley, Bob Gills. Runners up: Shirley Riters, Jim Lye. Consolations: Kevin Cox, Sandra Nugent  –  Ken McDonald, Marilyn Cox.